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Sunday, September 14, 2014

100% Pure Products Sharing

Hello. It has been quite a while..

I'm a working girl now. Based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Yep. thousand miles away from home.

I have decided to do a sharing on a range products which I found to be superb.. So.. let's head it.

The products would be from 100% Pure which is based in America. If you want to find more like in an instant just click this website Official 100% Pure Malaysia website if you are in Malaysia. You could also go to http://100percentpure.com for internationals and navigate to your country's site from there.

They are selling top to toe products including varieties of skincare, shampoos, cosmetics, body lotion, you just name it! The best and important part is that it is all 100% pure. Yep! No synthetic dyes or minerals, no chemical preservatives, no perfumes or colorance, animal testing friendly, 100% vegan. you can comprehensive read about it using the following links:

2. This kinda too good to be true to be 100% Technically Pure, Please do check their testing process than you know it is 100% true: http://www.100percentpure.com.my/100-pure-testing-process-ezp-12.html

The story:

That's enough of the intro. I started off with the skincare in January 2014. Mainly to fight my ever going to gone acne/pimples, open pores, blackheads and oily U-zone. If you have read my previous post about reviews of other skincares, you would have known my condition and 'war' to have a clean face. In addition to that, I have sensitive skin. So this is the product that I find the most not irritating the skin and actually works.

The products:

I am using a lot of their products currently.

The list from most left to most right:
1. Vanilla bean nourishing body cream
2. Purity Facial cleanser+mask
3. Fruit pigmented moisturizer in white peach
4. Mint white tea moisturizer
5. Organic lavender hydrosol
6&7. Honey and virgin coconut oil restorative shampoo & conditioner
8. Cheek and lip tint in pink grapefruit
9. Not in the picture mint white tea toner (no longer using)
10. mint white tea cleanser (no longer using)
11. Kelp and mint scalp shampoo & conditioner (finish already)

So. I'm will be give a short review on those highlighted in dull purple products. Which basically skincare because these are the products that I have experience using them almost for 9 months now.

  • The facial cleanser is the best! Keeps acne at bay. Reduce redness. Zits will dry off quickly and then gone. It can be used as daily cleanser, no extra drying unless you wash your face too often. It performs even better as mask. I used it as cleanser twice a day (morning and night) and as mask once every 2 days. When my skin is getting better, I did not do such frequency, to avoid over drying. Not saying it is drying, but it's suitable for my combination skin. Did not give the tightness to your face after using. 
  • At first I used the Mint white tea cleanser, and the purity as mask. But I find mint white tea cleanser was quite mild, which does not have the capacity to fight acne/zits. So what I do, I used it in the afternoon, to just get rid of oiliness. Because it is a mild cleanser. I'll use No.2 in the morning and night. I stop using because I don't need to wash my face in the afternoon anymore, less oily, so no need the extra wash. 
  • Come to the toner. I started using No. 9 as the toner, but then I was adviced by 100% Pure ambassador, Xara Tan to use No. 5, the hydrosol as my toner due to my sensitive skin condition. And Wow! I really loves hydrosol. It really keep my skin redness due to acne to the minimum and even now, the redness has completely gone! It helps to minimize the pore size and just simply cools the skin
  • As moisturizer, I am using 2 simultaneously. Not in one go, but during the day, I am using the tinted moisturizer, it is suitable for all skin type. But sometimes I find it is kinda oily and sometimes I feel it helps to keep my skin hydrated. But still continue using it because it is tinted or colored, which I love where it provides minimum coverage but not too transparent. I dont like to use compact powder or other make up because my skin easily get irritation if the products are not the right one. So, the mint white tea moisturizer, I used it other times when I dont feel like using the tinted moisturizer e.g at night (apply extra to give more moisture), after each mask session.

My skin has improved a lot after using these products. Although there is still some stubborn acne that keeps coming out during sometimes of the month, and due to certain condition that irritate the skin, I find these products really works and helps. 

The cost:
Well. It is quite at a high end. But 1 cleanser can last like 6-7 months. Moisturizer can last even longer up to 9 months. So I find it as a good deal because I dont need to find other products that suit me anymore. It is a very beneficial investment.

Please give it a try. Maybe it will work for you as well.

Fyi, This is not a paid review. It is just a sincere sharing from me. Hear from me soon on the review on other products from the list above. :)

#100percentpuremalaysia #100percentpure

Nurul Jannah
This is a picture with minimum filter. Improved complexion does look even better with filters

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adopt or Buy?

Well, I am more into adopting or picking up kittens or homeless cats from alleys or restaurants or markets.

Why? It is unbearable to see them being kicked by feeling-less human when they come near them to ask for some mercy. and to let them starve or hit by a car or even worst by lorries!

I wish to have my own animal shelter one day. InsyaAllah.

We always remember to donate to poor or needy person or orphans. What about animals? Dont they are our responsible as well?

Think again. Please adopt if you are truly a animal lover.

Help to finance a community service based animal shelter SPCA to contribute to the society by saving lives of unfortunate cats and dogs.

For further info or reading, please do not hesitate to  SPCA Selangor site.

Spread the news and spread the love.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Yogurt, good for skin

Hello and Hi again,

Today I would like to talk about yogurt! Yes. It is good for your digestion because it has living bacteria (or the good bacteria) for you engine. Your tummy is your engine. =) It also contains Vitamin A which is good for healthy skin.

Some of us may say, "Eeeww, I hate milk so I hate yogurt" .. "I am lactose intolerate", "Consuming dairy products will clog my pores and aggravate acne"..

For my case, I love yogurt. But considering that dairies could caused acne which I need to avoid consuming them (yet to be proven). I get the goodness of yogurt through using it as a face mask. Believe it or not, it works for me!

Some reviews on www.makeupalley.com which is the most frequent site I go to find reviews on certain cosmetic products and even on natural remedies such as yogurt, honey, olive oil and etc. It is really helpful I tell you. Always and always do some brief research on what you put on your skin on this website. It would save your time and money and effort.

Ok, continue on yogurt. I started using it as a mask when I was undergoing my industrial training. On this post I stated I've used yogurt to help me with my severe sunburn. I use it almost every night for the first week and due to laziness, after that I do it when I find it necessary only. :P Which I totally stopped using them as my skin was kinda in good condition.

A. The immediate after effects of wearing this mask:
1) My skin will be very softt~ The not so smooth surface feel as if it is smoother
2) Less redness. The skin feel calmer, fyi, I have sensitive skin. So this is good for relaxing the skin.
3) It seems to slightly brighten up the skin. I think it's great for giving the skin a kind of glow. Meaning to help with dull skin.

And then, after coming back from a reunion/short vacation with my schoolmates, which of course exposed to the sun, sunblock that may caused tiny2 zits to appear on my forehead, cheeks, chin.. almost anywhere on my face. I freaked out I tell you..

But during that time, I could not get my hands on any yogurt. Susah sangat nak cari plain yogurt in Seksyen 27, Shah Alam! So after some research, I've used honey mask. Which will also have the review on its own soon. Then, I figured out, hey, I used to use yogurt to help with sun after effects! How could I forget about my HG mask. Silly me.

So now, I've started using the yogurt mask again to deal with some dont know come from where zits, to treat the leftovers of the small2 bumps on my forehead and to just calm my skin. Well, I find yogurt suits my skin better than honey mask. I have been using it for 3 days straight, but then I break out a lil which I'm not sure because of using olive oil as my make up remover (Will also get a post on its own, soon!) or due to too much exfoliation from yogurt. Now I have been using it alternate days.

B. Now, it helps a lot with:
1) Oiliness of my t-zone. Moisturize the skin
2) Calm all the red pimples and shrink it.
3) Less blackheads and whiteheads which causes acnes/pimples

So, what does make yogurt a very good deal for your skin?

 1. Contains high amount of lactic acid that acts like alpha hydroxylic acid that is usually used for peeling to refine pores,as an exfoliant and stimulate collagen.. [Which relates to A1 and B3]

2. Its a less harsh exfoliants such as salicylic acid [Which does not irritates sensitive skin]

3. It has zinc that act as anti-inflammatory agent that deals with reducing acne/pimples, aid cell production which help with reducing size of acne, good astringent (tighten up skin), regulates oil production [Which relates to B1, B2]

4. Has calcium (as it is a derivative of milk), is an anti-oxidant, which prevent scaly or dryness. Facilitate skin renewal

5. Contains B-vitamins such as B2, B12 and B5. B2 is beneficial for glowing and hydrated skin. [happened in A3] It also helps with cell growth and acts as anti free radicals

Well, using any kind of things on your face, the results may vary depending on your skin. Some of my friends find it causing more pimples. Some find it really effective. For beauty seekers out there, give a yogurt mask a try. It may helps with some of your skin problems. Its cheap, effective and safe. So why wait.

Oh oh. By the way, I am using any brand of low fat plain/natural/original flavored yogurt. For dry skin, try to find full-fat yogurt to get more moisture, for combination skin or oily try to go with low fat yogurt.  But some suggest best is to use Greek yogurt. because it contains more multibacterial organisms. Meaning more goodness in one use. If you are in Ipoh, Perak, in Mydin Meru, they do sell greek yogurt which I first found in Ipoh :P

Please, do google if you want more details. Plenty of information.

I've used the sites below as my references to my facts and information above.

1. http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/style/yogurt-honey-diy-facial.htm
2. http://healthmunsta.hubpages.com/hub/Yogurt-for-Skin

Tata for now.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Bersempenakan revamp version of this blog. Yang seperti biasa berhabuk kaw2 wa cakap lu.

I will try my best to give updates regularly. That's a promise to myself. Something that I want to do to fill up my time for the time being.

Oh ye. I've already graduated! Yehhooo.. Will do a post on that but later kot. Sebab still yet to pick up my photo the studio version.. too many things to settle :P Do watch out for my graduation post ;)

Feeling tired already after just reading few lines of the post? Think again, boring or tiring?

If it's boring, I cant help you. But you can help yourself by reading through the end. I assure you. Till the end please. If'it's tiring, aha. I cant help you either. and again you have to give sometime for me to share something that maybe you have missed out some signals that you body have projected..


*read with robot tone

Your body is like computers. When it lags, you'll know something is not right. Maybe your hard drive memory is almost full, too many software, too many programs, virus, cooling system is not working properly and yadayadayada.. Then you'll do defragmentation, reformatting, scan for viruses, use cooling pad.

WE usually think that feeling tired or fatigue is caused by our body not having the sufficient energy to do work. Yes that's probably true. Then what do we do to solve the issue?

Our common solution to tiredness:
1) Stop doing activities "Oh I cant do that, I will be more tired"
2) Start eating "I maybe don't eat enough today, low sugar, lets eat donut to pump the sugar up!"

I do that like always. Behold! You maybe interpreting it wrong people! Yes, wrong!

*EXCLAMATIONS MARK (!) does not always mean shouting. I would say EXCITEMENT. :P

Fatigue usually caused by our daily habits where the solution to fatigue is even by correcting or improve the habits.

1. What we eat
Food is a key to a good health. What we eat is what we are. Food is also the fuel to produce energy. Then how come food can caused fatigue whereby it is the fuel? *Thinking

Its the sugary food and caffeine to be blame? Why? That is the two things that we take to have some energy boost? Yes or no? Definitely yes for me!

This causes fluctuation to sugar level of our body that causes us to be more tired!

Solution: Eat healthy! This will also help with losing weight, that curbs obesity that is also the cause of fatigue [1]

2. The sleep
Yes! All of us know this right? Not enough sleep, inconsistency of our sleep time (biological clock)

Solution: Sleep well, avoid coffee/tea hours before bedtime, use aromatherapy oil to give you the mood. Drink warm milk with some honey to help you sleep. Taking a nap in the afternoon is also proven to recharge and make you more focus.

We could be suffering from sleeping problems. It's not that we dont want to sleep, we cant sleep no matter how tired you are. So, please do go to see you physician ASAP.
Snoring is also considered to be a sleeping problem. Tak percaya. Sila la percaya, ini benar belaka. It is called obstructive sleep apnea which mean our breathing is disrupted or stop during sleeping. This sounds severe. It could be. Cause snoring or sleep apnea that is untreated could lead to hypertension or heart failure. Double yikes!

3.Work it out
Lack of exercise is the reason for fatigue. Yes. Exercise will not make you more tired. It will help to produce more energy. The more you move, the more energy you'll have. Proven scientifically.

Solution: I like to move it move it. I like to move it move it. We like to move it!

Well, by changing your lifestyle, you could be more energetic and productive. Right? It looks simple. But it affect our body a lot.

There are other reasons behind fatigue and you may find it a more severe symptom. I call it a symptom because it could be a warning or a signal that shows something more severe had gone off somewhere in the body. Yikes!

4. Anemia/ Tired blood
low oxygen in red blood cells, usually to women with heavy menstrual periods. Low oxygen will give weaker muscle, cloudy thinking [2]

Solution: Eat iron-loads food such as meat, spinach.

Our body could also be lacking of nutrients such as potassium. Both of these could be identified through blood test

Others like: Thyroid problem, Diabetes, Depression (could have effect on our sleep, appetite), Heart Disease (selalu ok je jogging, sekali lagi penat.. watch out ladies), Liver virus.

I referred to these two websites. Which I believe the source would be superbly right and firm.

[1] The web editors are even doctors. So, they know what they are saying.

[2] Oprah! I love her shows. Why would you not trust her source.

The best solution would be: try to change your lifestyle (Food, sleep, activities). More good food, sufficient rest, workout more! If it does not work, take supplements, dont forget to get some consultation first to what is all about and get treated!

Yay to a healthy living. =)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

skincare review: EUCERIN

Hello readers ( i wonder if there is any)..

Being busy lately. This is the usual relationship between me and the blog. sekejap2 ada.sekejap2 takde.

ikut mood la. nk post ke tak ke (suka hati kau je) ...

 Therefore I should be thinking to change my blog name to : IWRITEWHENIFEELIKE. hahaha

joking.maybe i should make it longer.ok. whatever.

back to the topic.

ahaa.. I've done a post on Biotherm which i really222 like and effective for my skin. As I said before, quite pricey for a student like me. kena ikat perut for kulit cantik.. Sorry. I do care more about my perut than face.haha

So.. I've been using Eucerin skin products like 1 month. (I could not remember when) Maybe more than 1 month. The things that I am using now is:

1) Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser
2) Eucerin Dermopurifyer Toner
3) Eucerin Dermopurifyer Scrub ( dont know the real name, and to go and find it out, quite lazy, SORRY misses)

and for moisturizer I decided to the pharmacist (the one that I story about in the last post) recommendation that is Neutrogena Hyroboost Gel.

The verdict:

1) Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser : Used in the morning and night. Really nice. Give you the cleanliness you need. Cleanse off foundation (Sendayu Tinggi Mousse Foundation), loose powder (Sendayu Tinggi Professional Make up) and compact powder (Body shop, cannot remember the name, but its silver in colour with black at the bottom, round in shape and no refill) quite well. Maybe because I dont wear them like overly on the face and touch up all the time :P It also leaves your skin soft. Me likey.

2) Eucerin Dermopurifyer Toner: Wear it each time I cleaned my face in the morning and night. I really dont like the texture. Sticky. Feel like putting a layer of oily lotion on your face. But it is not oily like putting on a cream or what. It doesnt make your skin feel fresh. I think its because of the content containg PEG (polyethylene glycol). and from I learnt in the FYP lab during my diploma, it is used in a liquid that is used to be apply on windscreen of the car, to avoid blur of the screen  during raining) . Some more, in my company where I do intern, they produce Polyethyelene (without the gycol) it is a substance used to produce plastic products. So, can you imagine how is the feeling of wearing the toner. Feel like your face is covered with something. I DONT LIKE IT!

3) Eucerin Dermopurifyer Scrub : Used to use it every night as per suggestion by the pharmacist ( and I believed her as she has a flawless skin, untung la). But now has used it like 2 days once. Because I dont want to it like making my skin thinner or what. But to be emphasized that the texture of the beads, are not that big, so I think it is suitable for daily usage. and the result, it indeed reduces the tiny2 jerawat pasir or bintik2 on my forehead. Reduces my blackhead. Leave your skin softtttttttttttttt..

Next would the Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel: Trying this because I want to like eliminate the excess oil on my face. and tadaaaaaa~ the result would be. How am I going to say this. I do like the non-greasy, the lightness, the fragrance. I do feel as if my skin is now moisturized. Leave you skin supple and soft.  

BUT!!! I am still having problems with the small2 jerawat ( jerawat pasir org pggl) on my forehead. It's like reduced a lot, then it came back. and could not fight the oily part of my face especially forehead. I think oiliness on my nose and cheek reduces like a lil. My pores still large. But less blackheads or whiteheads.
It may be due to the oily, mcm pakai plastic toner. or the Moisturizer making my face oily. or the moisture is not sufficient. because I am now working in an air cond office. Then go the site, like super hot. So, maybe the moisture is stripped off.and some more the plant is by the sea. So. maybe need a super moisturized moisturizer. 

OVERALL VERDICT: EUCERIN would recommend for sensitive skin, or oily skin or just removed from acne skin. As for me, it doesn't irritates my skin. NEUTROGENA, also suitable for oily skin.As for me, it maybe due to the environment or food I take that makes my skin still oily. or the moisturizing effect it just not enough for my kind of environement.

I may have decided to try Nutox Oxyfusion Toner or Mist or Astringent. and maybe a night cream. Because,  I dont think my current toner is helping in improving my skin condition. and, a night cream, because I already have a day cream. Or to decide to buy a cream with sun block.hermm.. will decide it later. Need to check the budget first.. ^.^

Pray for the successfullness of my quest for the suitable products. :)

Note: kenapa tulis post panjang lebar boleh.Tapi nak buat report internship sepatah habuk idea pon tak keluar. You are in trouble missy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Skin sharing

Oh ye. harini nak buat double post.hihih..

Biasalah perempuan.. badan kena jaga, kesihatan kena jaga, kulit muka & badan kena jaga.

Kat muka especially. Lagilah kena jaga kan.

So, today I would to do some sharing. On skin. I'll put it in point forms. Sonang nak baca kan. :)

My skin type (Jenis Kulit Saya) : 

  • Oily in the T-Zone and nose (berminyak di T-zone dan hidung). Lately oily on the cheek also (Kebelakangan ni, berminyak di kawasan pipi)
  • Just recovered from severe acne. left now is some pimple near the chin and jawline. and tiny2 zits on the forehead. (baru shj sembuh drp jerawat yg teruk.yg tinggal skrg cuma jerawat2 sekitar dagu dan rahang.juga jerawat2 kecil di dahi)
  • Very large pores. (Liang roma yg sgt besar)
  • Blackheads
  • Sensitive skin. Sensitive to sweat and hot environment ( the sun)

Facial/ Skin care that I'm currently using:

  • Facial cleanser 
 Night: Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Scrub
Morning: Biotherm Purefect Skin Cleanser 

  • Toner. Used it in the morning only. and when necessary at night.
Biotherm Purefect Skin Toner

  • Moisturizer. Used it in the morning after application of the toner. and on bare, cleaned face in the night
Biotherm Purefect Skin Hydrating Gel

So far, all this range I've used did reduced the occurence of new pimple/acne. The scrub reduces blackhead and tiny zits on the forehead. However, my is still quite oily.

Referred to a pharmacist in Guardian, AEON Station 18, Ipoh, she said that sometimes oily face maybe due to dehydrated skin (done some searching, indeed its true). Therefore the skin will generate more oil to replace the moisture. This maybe due to the environment (working by the sea) where the moisture is stripped off. 

I really love the Biotherm range especially the cleanser, really cleaned my face and give refreshing and clean smell (although, fragrance could be an irritant). But, due to lack of budget, I'm planning to change to another range that is cheaper. Currently I'm only using the trial pack version. It should be enough for a week. But, it still last for 2 weeks or more.

In the mean time, I've just started to used yogurt + cucumber face mask. I do this because I am suffering from sunburn. HAHAHA. yeah.. I've went to the site for a project and stayed there all day long for 2 days. and tadaaaa.. My face all red alreadyyy.. Wore the mask just now. As soon I woke up. hehe. (Forget to even wash my face first). Will do a review on it soon. After a week of using the mask. To see whether it could bring my burned skin to its original color or even better. ngeeeee~

See ya!`

Saturday, September 22, 2012

VCO and acaiberry

YES. this is not the usual me. the one whom resist to take supplement or whatever they call it to help to reduce weight or anything.

but.. hey. i think i to give it a try. so..sesudah sampainya both of the supplements today. i will be start taking acaiberry from tomorrow and onwards.

for vco, i've taken it for a month ago, but need to stop for awhile due to lack of budget. ahakz.

some review for VCO. the VCO im taking is from Catalyst. I've heard of it from my friend longgggg time ago. but didnt believe it will be working and i assumed that was just another health food promoted through Facebook. but it is actually not.

VCO is consumed as supplement food. good for your skin. as it has anti-bacterial function. a lot of other benefits. im consuming this for healthier skin. tapi kalau dapat lain2 faedah. alhamdulillah.

i didnt hesitate to take this supplement because it is 100% virgin coconut oil. u know that things would not get wrong because it  is 100% vegetable oil i would say. but im not sure if it has side effects if we have health problems or anything. that need to seek for doctors advices.

so far the effects that i get:

1) less oily face
2) sistem kumbahan lebih baik
3)liang roma lebih kecil
4)jerawat ssh naik
5) kurang rasa cepat lapar
6)membantu mengurangkan berat ( i guess)

so..this time taking the new supplement.acaiberry. a powerful antioxidant.also good for the skin. and as a supplement to lose weight. but im a bit sceptical on this one because it is not 100% acaiberry extract. only 42%. other ingredients such as, chitosan, green tea..and others.. so.....wish me luck.

hope it doesnt give any side effects.

see u in the next post.revealing maybe the effect of the supplements. see yaa