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Sunday, September 14, 2014

100% Pure Products Sharing

Hello. It has been quite a while..

I'm a working girl now. Based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Yep. thousand miles away from home.

I have decided to do a sharing on a range products which I found to be superb.. So.. let's head it.

The products would be from 100% Pure which is based in America. If you want to find more like in an instant just click this website Official 100% Pure Malaysia website if you are in Malaysia. You could also go to http://100percentpure.com for internationals and navigate to your country's site from there.

They are selling top to toe products including varieties of skincare, shampoos, cosmetics, body lotion, you just name it! The best and important part is that it is all 100% pure. Yep! No synthetic dyes or minerals, no chemical preservatives, no perfumes or colorance, animal testing friendly, 100% vegan. you can comprehensive read about it using the following links:

2. This kinda too good to be true to be 100% Technically Pure, Please do check their testing process than you know it is 100% true: http://www.100percentpure.com.my/100-pure-testing-process-ezp-12.html

The story:

That's enough of the intro. I started off with the skincare in January 2014. Mainly to fight my ever going to gone acne/pimples, open pores, blackheads and oily U-zone. If you have read my previous post about reviews of other skincares, you would have known my condition and 'war' to have a clean face. In addition to that, I have sensitive skin. So this is the product that I find the most not irritating the skin and actually works.

The products:

I am using a lot of their products currently.

The list from most left to most right:
1. Vanilla bean nourishing body cream
2. Purity Facial cleanser+mask
3. Fruit pigmented moisturizer in white peach
4. Mint white tea moisturizer
5. Organic lavender hydrosol
6&7. Honey and virgin coconut oil restorative shampoo & conditioner
8. Cheek and lip tint in pink grapefruit
9. Not in the picture mint white tea toner (no longer using)
10. mint white tea cleanser (no longer using)
11. Kelp and mint scalp shampoo & conditioner (finish already)

So. I'm will be give a short review on those highlighted in dull purple products. Which basically skincare because these are the products that I have experience using them almost for 9 months now.

  • The facial cleanser is the best! Keeps acne at bay. Reduce redness. Zits will dry off quickly and then gone. It can be used as daily cleanser, no extra drying unless you wash your face too often. It performs even better as mask. I used it as cleanser twice a day (morning and night) and as mask once every 2 days. When my skin is getting better, I did not do such frequency, to avoid over drying. Not saying it is drying, but it's suitable for my combination skin. Did not give the tightness to your face after using. 
  • At first I used the Mint white tea cleanser, and the purity as mask. But I find mint white tea cleanser was quite mild, which does not have the capacity to fight acne/zits. So what I do, I used it in the afternoon, to just get rid of oiliness. Because it is a mild cleanser. I'll use No.2 in the morning and night. I stop using because I don't need to wash my face in the afternoon anymore, less oily, so no need the extra wash. 
  • Come to the toner. I started using No. 9 as the toner, but then I was adviced by 100% Pure ambassador, Xara Tan to use No. 5, the hydrosol as my toner due to my sensitive skin condition. And Wow! I really loves hydrosol. It really keep my skin redness due to acne to the minimum and even now, the redness has completely gone! It helps to minimize the pore size and just simply cools the skin
  • As moisturizer, I am using 2 simultaneously. Not in one go, but during the day, I am using the tinted moisturizer, it is suitable for all skin type. But sometimes I find it is kinda oily and sometimes I feel it helps to keep my skin hydrated. But still continue using it because it is tinted or colored, which I love where it provides minimum coverage but not too transparent. I dont like to use compact powder or other make up because my skin easily get irritation if the products are not the right one. So, the mint white tea moisturizer, I used it other times when I dont feel like using the tinted moisturizer e.g at night (apply extra to give more moisture), after each mask session.

My skin has improved a lot after using these products. Although there is still some stubborn acne that keeps coming out during sometimes of the month, and due to certain condition that irritate the skin, I find these products really works and helps. 

The cost:
Well. It is quite at a high end. But 1 cleanser can last like 6-7 months. Moisturizer can last even longer up to 9 months. So I find it as a good deal because I dont need to find other products that suit me anymore. It is a very beneficial investment.

Please give it a try. Maybe it will work for you as well.

Fyi, This is not a paid review. It is just a sincere sharing from me. Hear from me soon on the review on other products from the list above. :)

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Nurul Jannah
This is a picture with minimum filter. Improved complexion does look even better with filters

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