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Saturday, September 22, 2012

VCO and acaiberry

YES. this is not the usual me. the one whom resist to take supplement or whatever they call it to help to reduce weight or anything.

but.. hey. i think i to give it a try. so..sesudah sampainya both of the supplements today. i will be start taking acaiberry from tomorrow and onwards.

for vco, i've taken it for a month ago, but need to stop for awhile due to lack of budget. ahakz.

some review for VCO. the VCO im taking is from Catalyst. I've heard of it from my friend longgggg time ago. but didnt believe it will be working and i assumed that was just another health food promoted through Facebook. but it is actually not.

VCO is consumed as supplement food. good for your skin. as it has anti-bacterial function. a lot of other benefits. im consuming this for healthier skin. tapi kalau dapat lain2 faedah. alhamdulillah.

i didnt hesitate to take this supplement because it is 100% virgin coconut oil. u know that things would not get wrong because it  is 100% vegetable oil i would say. but im not sure if it has side effects if we have health problems or anything. that need to seek for doctors advices.

so far the effects that i get:

1) less oily face
2) sistem kumbahan lebih baik
3)liang roma lebih kecil
4)jerawat ssh naik
5) kurang rasa cepat lapar
6)membantu mengurangkan berat ( i guess)

so..this time taking the new supplement.acaiberry. a powerful antioxidant.also good for the skin. and as a supplement to lose weight. but im a bit sceptical on this one because it is not 100% acaiberry extract. only 42%. other ingredients such as, chitosan, green tea..and others.. so.....wish me luck.

hope it doesnt give any side effects.

see u in the next post.revealing maybe the effect of the supplements. see yaa

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