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Friday, November 8, 2013


Bersempenakan revamp version of this blog. Yang seperti biasa berhabuk kaw2 wa cakap lu.

I will try my best to give updates regularly. That's a promise to myself. Something that I want to do to fill up my time for the time being.

Oh ye. I've already graduated! Yehhooo.. Will do a post on that but later kot. Sebab still yet to pick up my photo the studio version.. too many things to settle :P Do watch out for my graduation post ;)

Feeling tired already after just reading few lines of the post? Think again, boring or tiring?

If it's boring, I cant help you. But you can help yourself by reading through the end. I assure you. Till the end please. If'it's tiring, aha. I cant help you either. and again you have to give sometime for me to share something that maybe you have missed out some signals that you body have projected..


*read with robot tone

Your body is like computers. When it lags, you'll know something is not right. Maybe your hard drive memory is almost full, too many software, too many programs, virus, cooling system is not working properly and yadayadayada.. Then you'll do defragmentation, reformatting, scan for viruses, use cooling pad.

WE usually think that feeling tired or fatigue is caused by our body not having the sufficient energy to do work. Yes that's probably true. Then what do we do to solve the issue?

Our common solution to tiredness:
1) Stop doing activities "Oh I cant do that, I will be more tired"
2) Start eating "I maybe don't eat enough today, low sugar, lets eat donut to pump the sugar up!"

I do that like always. Behold! You maybe interpreting it wrong people! Yes, wrong!

*EXCLAMATIONS MARK (!) does not always mean shouting. I would say EXCITEMENT. :P

Fatigue usually caused by our daily habits where the solution to fatigue is even by correcting or improve the habits.

1. What we eat
Food is a key to a good health. What we eat is what we are. Food is also the fuel to produce energy. Then how come food can caused fatigue whereby it is the fuel? *Thinking

Its the sugary food and caffeine to be blame? Why? That is the two things that we take to have some energy boost? Yes or no? Definitely yes for me!

This causes fluctuation to sugar level of our body that causes us to be more tired!

Solution: Eat healthy! This will also help with losing weight, that curbs obesity that is also the cause of fatigue [1]

2. The sleep
Yes! All of us know this right? Not enough sleep, inconsistency of our sleep time (biological clock)

Solution: Sleep well, avoid coffee/tea hours before bedtime, use aromatherapy oil to give you the mood. Drink warm milk with some honey to help you sleep. Taking a nap in the afternoon is also proven to recharge and make you more focus.

We could be suffering from sleeping problems. It's not that we dont want to sleep, we cant sleep no matter how tired you are. So, please do go to see you physician ASAP.
Snoring is also considered to be a sleeping problem. Tak percaya. Sila la percaya, ini benar belaka. It is called obstructive sleep apnea which mean our breathing is disrupted or stop during sleeping. This sounds severe. It could be. Cause snoring or sleep apnea that is untreated could lead to hypertension or heart failure. Double yikes!

3.Work it out
Lack of exercise is the reason for fatigue. Yes. Exercise will not make you more tired. It will help to produce more energy. The more you move, the more energy you'll have. Proven scientifically.

Solution: I like to move it move it. I like to move it move it. We like to move it!

Well, by changing your lifestyle, you could be more energetic and productive. Right? It looks simple. But it affect our body a lot.

There are other reasons behind fatigue and you may find it a more severe symptom. I call it a symptom because it could be a warning or a signal that shows something more severe had gone off somewhere in the body. Yikes!

4. Anemia/ Tired blood
low oxygen in red blood cells, usually to women with heavy menstrual periods. Low oxygen will give weaker muscle, cloudy thinking [2]

Solution: Eat iron-loads food such as meat, spinach.

Our body could also be lacking of nutrients such as potassium. Both of these could be identified through blood test

Others like: Thyroid problem, Diabetes, Depression (could have effect on our sleep, appetite), Heart Disease (selalu ok je jogging, sekali lagi penat.. watch out ladies), Liver virus.

I referred to these two websites. Which I believe the source would be superbly right and firm.

[1] The web editors are even doctors. So, they know what they are saying.

[2] Oprah! I love her shows. Why would you not trust her source.

The best solution would be: try to change your lifestyle (Food, sleep, activities). More good food, sufficient rest, workout more! If it does not work, take supplements, dont forget to get some consultation first to what is all about and get treated!

Yay to a healthy living. =)

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